Author: Jacqui Readman

Time For A Data Spring Clean?

Spring is in the air , and it seems most companies/charities are in the midst of their SS17 mailings. So with that in mind here is the big question – How clean is your data? How many of your customers/supporters are on

Weathering the storm of bad management, and ultimately the demise of a ‘Middleman’ business.

For the last 20 years or so, business has been changing. Whereas once, each company would typically offer a specific set of products and services, there has been a steady shift towards outsourcing. Many businesses now are little more than

Data, Data, Data Everywhere

The data business is a funny business; your customer data is one of your biggest assets so why do so many companies spread it around so readily? Data Co-operatives & Pool Why have co-op databases become the dominant source of

Are you getting a disappointing ROI? Is your Customer Acquisition level at an all time low?

Does your customer acquisition graph look a bit like this?  (slightly exaggerated)   Many companies are loathe to spend money on cleaning their data as they can’t physically see the effect of money well spent.  They will concentrate on the

How important are your Customers?

  Of course most companies will reply with – ‘extremely’ or ‘we are customer focused’.  Are they really?? As it is widely recognised your Customer Data is your biggest asset, so why would you neglect it. At DPC we can let