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We offer a comprehensive range of services to enable you to keep your data clean and up to date in preparation for GDPR Compliance

Address Improvement can both reduce cost and improve response rates by ensuring that your address data is as accurate as possible

De- duplicate – at a level specified by you the client.

Suppressions – Remove deceaseds/goneaways

Mailing Preference Service  In the case of cold mailing, records that relate to people who have registered with this service should be excluded.

Forwarding Addresses :- locate goneaways and retain your customers.

For a no obligation, completely free audit of your mailing file, why not send your data to us.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We manage the processing side of many Direct Mail Campaigns both for the charity sector and the B2C sector.  From single file mailings to a multi faceted and multi channel campaign.  Offering all our services plus reports on the data in and out of the processes.

Please feel free to contact us to see if we can help you with an ongoing project.

Reduce your database or list management overheads by using our services:-

Database Management

Your data is a valuable asset. Do you know that it is regularly backed up and stored securely? Do you have a team of IT experts in house to look after it, keep it up to date, and analyse it to glean insights from it?

At Dynamic Data Services, we manage the sales, marketing and donor databases for numerous organisations. We offer a full maintenance package, including all the things you’d expect from a host like secure storage and backup, as well as our comprehensive processing services to keep your database clean and up to date. This includes services such as merge-purge to pull data from many update sources and clean, suppress and dedupe into an organised relational database to offer you a clear overview of your customers and their customer journey with your company.

The Boardroom –

Boardroom is an innovative app developed in house which gives you a high level view of your Customer database plus so much more.  When linked in with our Database Holding/Management package it has proved to be an invaluable tool for reporting and analysing a clients database the boardroom

List Rental Services

Dynamic Data Services also looks after rental data for a number of companies some direct some through list brokers.

Our package includes:-

Initial load of the data – which involves a full cleanse –

PAF Improve

De-Dupe to household level – with relevant transactional data amalgamated and updated

Match against most recent MPS file

Match against DDS’s in-house stop file

Profanity check

Intelligent supply strategy to minimise list fatigue

Output of orders within 24hrs

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We also prepare house/prospect mailing files for clients, offering a comprehensive data preparation service.