Mailing Preference

In addition to your own customer data, you may have access to a list of potential new customers who you would like to send your latest brochure or other marketing material to.

Some of the people on that list may have registered with the mailing preference service (MPS) to indicate that they don’t want to receive unsolicited mail.

Sending material to those that have indicated they don’t want it is a waste of your money, as your glossy full colour brochure will simply end up in the recycling bin, or back at your office having been returned. It is also potentially damaging to the reputation of your business.

We can cross reference your cold mailing list against the mailing preference services (MPS) suppression list, and flag or remove those records that match.


  • Reduce your mailing cost by not mailing those that have indicated they don’t want such mail
  • Increase the likely response rate from your cold mailing
  • Reduce the costs associated with processing returned mail

We can cross reference your mailing list against any or all of these lists, providing you with a very cost effective way to:

  • Reduce your mailing costs
  • Help maintain your company image
  • Improve your market intelligence by keeping the most accurate data

Find out more about the suppression files that we currently hold by using the links below: