Information Security

Dynamic Data Services provides data services for companies of all sizes; charities and non-profit organisations, and is very aware of the need to maintain an extremely high level of data security and integrity for all clients.

As a Royal Mail licensed bureau, DDS is subject to strict security vetting by the Royal Mail. This ensures that office procedures, staff, buildings – plus transfer and storage of data, conforms to the required code of practice for information management. DDS will sign a NDA with prospective clients the agreement is binding upon DDS, its employees and clients.

We are able to provide access to our SFTP server for clients to securely transfer data, however, if clients wish to use e-mail to send or receive data, we recommend the use of secure keyed encryption software such as PGP. For more information about encryption software. Any client, who, as part of an agreed contract or purchase agreement, requires a representative of DDS to access their computer system directly in order to download or upload data, can be assured that full security procedures will be agreed prior to transfer of data.

If you have any specific concerns, or wish to discuss any aspect of our policy in more detail, you are welcome to call Dynamic Data Services on 01947 824710.