Mail Campaign Analysis – Maximise your ROI

Your mailing data has been cleaned, segmented, and gone off to the mailing house. Some bureaux might consider the job to be complete at this stage. At Dynamic Data Services Ltd, we appreciate that your direct mail campaign involved a substantial investment of money and time.   However you need to measure the success of the mailing and your return on investment.  How else would you know if the campaign was truly a success?  Using our mail campaign analysis enables you to refine your direct marketing strategy, refine the selections for your future targeted mailings and further increase your return on investment (ROI).

Accurate Reporting without Promotion Code

In an ideal world, your customers would always quote the promotion code when placing an order, so that you know exactly which campaign they are responding to.  At the very least, their personal details would exactly match your mailing campaign data, making it easy to link incoming orders back to a record in your mailing.

The reality is usually somewhat different. A customer may be prompted by your mailing to place an order, but may not give any indication that your mailing had any influence.  They may enter their full name when your data only includes initials.  They may use a nickname that differs from the full name you hold. Unfortunately they may not place an order at all, but a family member at the same address may.  This is where mail campaign analysis is needed.

Advanced matching for accurate mail campaign analysis reports

We use the same advanced matching technology to match incoming orders to your mailing data as we use in the data cleansing stage before the mailing. This enables us to produce accurate statistics to your specification, showing the success of your direct mail campaign. The example below is a simplified sample for illustration purposes.Mail campaign analysis sample report

In our sample, we can see that overall the mail campaign was a success.  However when broken down by segment, some segments performed better than others, with some segments actually running at a loss.  Measuring the success of a direct mail marketing campaign in this way helps to inform the planning of future mailings, saving you money and maximising your future investment.