In a mailing list of thousands of records, it is very likely that some of your customers will have moved house, rendering the customer address data you hold for them out of date. Every time you do a mailing, you are paying money to contact somebody who is not there. The wastage can run into thousands of pounds per mail shot. By cleansing your customer mailing data using the most current gone away suppression files, we can identify and optionally flag or remove gone away records from your database, thus saving you money every time you do a subsequent mail campaign.

At Dynamic Data Services, we are licensed to hold a number of gone away suppression files including those listed below. All of these suppression files are up to date, with DDS applying the latest updates monthly:

  • Royal Mail NCOA®. The NCOA® gone away suppression file is maintained by Royal Mail®. This suppression file lists the names and addresses of everyone who has informed Royal Mail® that they have moved.
  • GAS from The Data Agency® – GAS, short for ‘Gone Away Suppressions’ is one of the most comprehensive gone away suppression files on the market. The advantage of using this suppression file is that it does not depend on the person that has changed address to notify anyone, as it is updated from many verified sources.

Here at Dynamic Data Services we can cross reference your data against any or all of these gone away suppression files at your request.

Find out more about the other suppression files that we currently hold by using the links below: