Deceased Suppression

Sending marketing material to a deceased person can be very distressing for the bereaved, is a waste of money for you, and can be damaging to your company image.

We hold a number of deceased suppression files, which we can use to identify customers in your mailing list that have died. The deceased suppression lists we hold include:

  • The Bereavement Register – This deceased suppression file is one of the most comprehensive lists on the market.
  • Mortascreen – This suppression list is also one of the most comprehensive on the market.

We can cross reference your mailing list against any or all of these lists, providing you with a very cost effective way to:

  • Reduce your mailing costs
  • Help maintain your company image
  • Improve your market intelligence by keeping the most accurate data

Find out more about the suppression files that we currently hold by using the links below:

bereavement register logo
mortascreen logo