De-duplication – Save money and increase accuracy

Avoid mailing duplicates with DDS de-duplication. Reduce costs & waste, and maintain your brand integrity.

Duplicates in data can be a large problem, both for your mailings and when performing analysis of your data and results.  Multiple mailing packs landing with a customer not only costs you money but it can lead to brand damage.  To avoid mailing multiple packets to the same person or company, duplicates should be removed from your mailing data.  At Dynamic Data Services we use advanced algorithms in our de-duplication to identify matches, including phonetic and mis-spelled matches.  Using this comprehensive approach enables us to ensure your data is the very best it can be.

Matching can be done at:

         Individual level (one pack per unique individual per household) – most common for data improvement

         Family level (one pack per surname per household)

         Household level (one pack per delivery point) – most common for mailing purposes

In addition to this we can offer additional services such as hierarchical de-duplication, and selection weighting to your target audience.  No matter how complex your requirements are DDS can help.

Duplicates can either be removed (purged) or left on file, with the option of a printed report of all possible matches and/or a file of reference keys supplied for use with your own in-house software.  Allowing you to link a customers orders to the now consolidated record, greatly increasing your analysis accuracy.

DDS can supply a free count of your duplicates through our Data Health Check auditing tool or through our bureau services.