Address Redirection – Find your moved customers

In a large mailing list, it is likely that some of your customers have moved address and forgotten to let you know. That means that every time you mail them a new catalogue, you are wasting money. You may wish to simply remove them from your database using one or more gone away suppression files.  However you may also wish to update your records to include the latest address for your customers. This is where an address redirection using the NCOA Update file comes in.

We hold the Royal Mail NCOA Redirection file, which gives details of people who have moved address, where they moved from, and where they moved to. By cross referencing your mailing list against the NCOA Redirect file, we can save you money, and help you retain those customers that have moved.

We also hold

GAS Reactive

GAS Reactive can provide you with a customers forwarding address so you can continue your marketing communications where they are now. GAS Reactive is based on the trusted Gone Away Suppression File. GAS has an independent audit rating of 98.8%. This means you can reliably suppress customers and use GAS Reactive to find reliable forward addresses. All GAS Reactive data is supplied on a permanent use basis.


  • Don’t waste money mailing a customer that is not there
  • Retain a customer that you might otherwise have lost
  • Improve your market intelligence by keeping the most accurate data

Use our free data health check to get an accurate count of how many customers you could reconnect with using an address redirection from NCOA Update.

At Dynamic Data Services we are licensed to hold a number of gone away suppression files including those listed below. All of these suppression files are up to date, with DDS applying the latest updates monthly:

Find out more about the suppression files that we currently hold by using the links below: