Are you getting a disappointing ROI? Is your Customer Acquisition level at an all time low?

Does your customer acquisition graph look a bit like this?  (slightly exaggerated)

Customer Acquisition Chart


Many companies are loathe to spend money on cleaning their data as they can’t physically see the effect of money well spent.  They will concentrate on the aesthetic side of a campaign ie the art work and offers but even if your mailing pack is ‘The Best Ever’ if you data is not up to scratch those lovely graphics and offers are just going to end up in the ever growing pot of returns.

Here at DPC we encourage our clients to keep on top of maintaining their own customer files and advocate cleaning any recruitment files.


Not cleaning your data will reduce your ROI as per the below exercise run on a clients SS16 mailing

Cold Mailing quantity – 120K – Pack cost – 45p

Total Costs = £54,000

10K of this mailing file were on a suppression file – Gone Aways/Deceaseds

So our client would have spent £4,500 on mailing to themselves if they hadn’t removed the suppression matches, which cost them on average .20p per removal – £2,000 giving them a saving of £2,500 (plus the cost of recording the 10K plus returns)

House Mailing quantity – 120K Pack cost – 45p

Total costs = £54,000

5K of this mailing were matches to the Gone Away and Deceased files and 600 could be relocated to a new address.

Client would have spent £2,250 on mailing these records

Total cost of suppressing/adding movers information = £1,180

So on our recomendation our client saved themselves £3,570 overall.

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