Time For A Data Spring Clean?

royal mail returns

Not Cleaning Your Data?

Spring is in the air , and it seems most companies/charities are in the midst of their SS17 mailings. So with that in mind here is the big question – How clean is your data?

How many of your customers/supporters are on the move? On average, people typically move three or more times before they are 45 and with spring/summer being the most popular time to move why not check your customer/supporter data against the various Movers Files, find new addresses for existing customers/supporters remember the cost of retention is much lower than the cost of recruitment!

On average per day 1500 people die in the UK

Why not gain some insight into the Health of your customer/charity database by utilising our our Free Online Data Health Check  (no obligation to buy the results).  Our Health Check Report is easy to decipher and from this report you can decide what, if anything needs doing with your data Sample Health Check Report  

We do also offer our excellent hands on bureau service if that is what you would prefer –  Contact Us we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Our advice is clean your data it is your biggest asset!!